Let's face it, it's hot in the summer and the the waterpark is a great way to cool off and spend the day with the family during the hot summer months. However, sometimes a trip to the waterpark can be expensive or too far. That's where we come in. Let us bring the waterpark to you! No long lines! No expensive concession stand snacks and drinks! No packing up and travelling! What's not to love?

However, there are some specific restrictions for renting our water slides that must be followed.

  1. The slide is BIG, make sure you have enough room.  The slide measures 20' tall x 32' long x 19' wide, but we also need a safe buffer zone. We require a minimum 60' x 50' area with nothing overhead (this includes trees and power lines).

  2. The slide must be set up on grass in order to be safely staked down. We will not set up on asphalt or concrete.

  3. You must have city water. We will not set up if you have well water. The well water stains and ruins our slide.

  4. You need a water hose that can reach the unit, if not, we will be happy to rent one at an additional cost.

  5. Finally, the unit must be left up and untouched with the water turned off for 1 hour to allow the unit to dry before we take it down and roll it up. That means that if your rental is scheduled to end at 5:00, you must turn the water off and not allow anyone on the unit until we will arrive at 6:00 to tear the unit down. Additionally, someone must supervise that no one enters the unit during that time. If we arrive and the unit is being used, we will charge for additional time. This allows the unit to dry before rolling it up. We cannot roll up a unit with water inside, as it causes mold and mildew, a health hazard to the next renter.

  6. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask.




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